Terms & Conditions

Benesse India (BI) Private Limited

All personal Data would be treated as confidential information by BI with strict security protocols in place to ensure that no outside party gets access to the data. “Personal Data” means all information and data of any kind that is capable of identifying a natural person, including without limitation his/her: personal information (e.g., name, address, telephone number, email address, internet protocol address, banking or credit information, and any other information used or intended to be used to identify, contact or locate a natural person and all other information which is defined as “sensitive personal information or data”, “personally identifiable information”, “personal information”, or “personal data” under Data Privacy Laws.

Responsibilities of the Guardian.

1. The Guardian agrees and acknowledges that in order to enable the provisions of the Services by BI, the Guardian shall take all actions, as may be reasonably required by BI from time to time, including without limitation:

(a) To have the Student comply with the terms and conditions to be required to avail the Services.
(b) To respond to inquiries from BI; and
(c) To take actions on other matters reasonably requested by BI.

2. The Guardian shall not perform, and ensure that the Student does not perform, the following acts:

(a) to record videos and/or images of the Sessions and/or the Instructors and/or the Other Participants and/or reproduce, upload and/or distribute videos and/or images of the Sessions (including, but not limited to, the videos and/or images provided by BI).
(b) to infringe the Intellectual Property Rights, etc., rights, privacy, honour and/or other rights of the Instructor, the Other Participants and/or any other third parties.
(c) to collect, accumulate, disclose and/or distribute Personal Data of and/or to identify the Instructors and/or the Other Participants, and/or to attempt to contact the Instructors and/or the Other Participants outside the Services; and
(d) to use materials other than the materials designated and/or provided by BI during the Sessions.
About us (Benesse India Private Limited)

Benesse (https://www.benesse-hd.co.jp/en/) is a global education giant, #1 in Japan and 4th largest in the world. Benesse offer comprehensive services and solutions (both analogue and ed-tech) to schools (B2B2C) and students (B2C) ranging from after school tutoring, subscription courses, English language assessment to entrance exams preparation and work skills assessment in Japan. In India we have a footprint of around 1.5 years now and we have partnered with top tier CBSE (B2B2C) schools in Delhi NCR region under the banner of our India entity Benesse India Private Limited (https://india.benesse.com/)

Benesse’s Mentorship Base/Rapid Bridge Programme is one-of-a-kind service where we aim at ensuring that your child not only improves academically, but also help them give the necessary guidance to improve their learning habits, based on the result of our assessment test which will be conducted in the coming week. The program aims to bridge the gap that exists between tutorial services and the school learning system, by the collaboration of our tutor and coaches. One of the hallmarks of this programme is a homogeneous class setting which groups students with the same learning pace and acumen and accounts for a more personalized learning environment. Moreover, through the coaching sessions for reinforcing positive study habits, the program aims to also support the students in overcoming the learning gap created due to COVID19.

3. Contact us
Please feel free to contact us at mentorship.support@india.benesse.com

4. Refund and cancellation (Incase, merchant is not having any refund)
The registration fee of 1000 INR for the Rapid Bridge Programme (RBP) will be reimbursed in case a student has opted to drop out of the initial 3 classes. Post this there is no provision for the student to deregister from the programme and the balance amount can be paid in full or in two instalments as per the payment option selected by the parent at the time of registration.

5. Cancellation policy then the same needs to be updated on the website)
Cancellation from the programme has to be intimated at least 15 days before the start of the next month’s classes. So, for the month of November 2022, if a student is opting out intimation has to be provided before 15th of October 2022.

Cancellation Policy:

M- Month in Progress
(M-15 days) Deregistration from the programme
In case of monthly payment option (Available only for Base Programme)- Payment not to be collected for month M
Monthly payment option not available for RBP

6. Payment procedure
Payment can be completed by scanning the QR code associated with the Benesse India Private Limited Bank Account. Payment can also be competed by clicking on the Payment Gateway link embedded on the website which will be redirected to the CC Avenue Payment platform with payment options available (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net banking/UPI)

Please note that the transaction cost for using payment services like Credit/Debit Card and Net banking will be charged to the customer (in this case the parent/guardian) of the child.

7. Delivery policy – if applicable based on Business
Classes would be conducted on an OMO mode (Online Meets Offline mode). The class schedule would be shared and intimated to the students by Academic Advisors before the start of the programme

8. Shipping policy – if applicable based on Business
Delivery is online and no materials will be shipped directly to the students. Welcome kits for the programme will be sent to the partner schools and the students will have to collect the kits from the teacher co-ordinator of the school.

9. List of products/services to be sold, including pricing
• Benesse Mentorship Rapid Bridge Programme.
• Benesse Rapid Bridge Programme Grade 8.
• Benesse Rapid Bridge Programme Grade 9.

Please note that the prices might differ as the payment option selected by the parent as discounts will be offered as per the payment schedule selected (Payment in full/payment in instalments- monthly/quarterly) and the discount structure would be as per the discretion of the Benesse representative.