Khojo CUET Prep Circle

A bridge between School Learning and Out of School Learning.

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The Khojo Mentorship Program stands out as the best choice for students seeking a comprehensive and effective approach to academic support. To ensure consistency and alignment between school teaching and assessment by addressing discrepancies, enhances efficiency in student learning thus fostering continuous improvement.

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Integration with Benesse Khojo Assessments:
Our program is directly linked with the Benesse Khojo Assessments, ensuring a successful analysis which creates consistent learning experiences for students.

Bridge between School and Out-of-School Learning: Acting as a bridge between school teachers and assessments, our mentorship program ensures that students’ learning remains consistent and constant, regardless of the learning environment.

Consistency for Continuous Improvement: Khojo CUET Prep Circle is designed to maintain consistency and linkage between in-school and out-of-school learning so that the focus remains solely on the targeted improvement of the students.

Addressing Learning Gaps: We recognize that learning gaps can hinder students’ progress. The Khojo CUET Prep Circle Programme, therefore, aims to identify and address these gaps efficiently, promoting effective learning outcomes.

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Academic Advisor Sessions: Students are grouped based on their learning aptitude, as determined by Khojo CUET Preparatory Assessment scores. These homogenous groups ensure the right pace of learning, tailored to each student’s needs.

Counselling Sessions: Qualified counsellors guide career and academic choices. They collaborate with coaches and academic advisors to monitor students’ learning curves closely, ensuring holistic support.

Coach Sessions: Our coaches go beyond academics, focusing on improving students’ learning habits through personalized one-on-one sessions. They assist in goal setting and provide personalized support, fostering students’ overall growth.

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