Khojo Assessment

Once students set their goals for the Class 10th Board exams, Khojo Assessment serves as their guiding compass, helping them to find their current position and how to improve.

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In 2023 alone, a staggering 1.5 million students applied for the Common University Entrance Test (CUET), with participation from over 240 universities. Given that CUET is based on Class 12 subjects, schools have a unique opportunity to seamlessly integrate Khojo CUET program to address both board exam and CUET-specific goals.

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The Khojo Assessment isn’t just a test; it’s a dynamic programme designed to drive students towards academic excellence while nurturing a positive learning mindset. We craft questions that provide valuable insights into students’ progress and enable targeted teaching interventions. Additionally, our questions are designed to be easily understood by all students, ensuring accurate assessment of subject knowledge regardless of language proficiency.

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Students: Identifying strengths and areas for growth, guiding future study plans, and fostering a proactive learning approach.

Parents: Offering objective insights into their child’s academic journey and providing guidance for effective learning habits at home.

Management: Understanding school-wide academic performance, facilitating continuous improvement, and unlocking better student outcomes.

Teachers: Tailoring specific guidance for individual students, enhancing teaching practices, and promoting student-centric learning environments.


Practice tests are provided prior to assessments, and students goal setting sessions are conducted to raise awareness about Benesse’s program.

Khojo Assessment

Benesse’s Khojo Assessment is designed to assess and analyze student performance, with the objective of identifying weaknesses.Once we are able to identify areas where children’s academic learning and learning habits are lacking, we implement focused interventions in place to support them.

Outcomes and Impact

The implementation of the Benesse Teaching and Learning Framework significantly impacts the school environment, offering teachers valuable insights to improve classroom practices. Throughout the academic year, partnership between Benesse and the school fosters ongoing professional development, which eventually enhances student achievement


Post the assessment, we offer teachers detailed data analysis and students personalized learning support through KEYBO, a digital application that helps both teachers and students better understand their performance and through personalized reports. This includes Quick Supplementary Material, Teacher’s Reports, Student Analysis Workshops, and Digital Workbooks for concept clarity improvement.

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